Monday, June 28, 2010

bursting with old love and new confidence.
when bad plumbing takes the initial cake & when people run for the valleys: worry not, the underdog will prevail.

Friday, June 25, 2010

re: today
there seems to be a storytelling of beautiful tattooed women in vancouver and an ostentation of lurking creep-o men. in this situation, the beauty seems to be overthrowing the awkward glaring. also - just realized - i hope i'm not part of the creepy lurker crowd.

action: get tattoo sleeve
action: move to city that is not victoria

Thursday, June 24, 2010

fodder for your poeticisms

collective nouns for animals
a culture of bacteria
a singular of boar
a storytelling of crows
a memory of elephants
a mischief of mice
a watch of nightingales
an ostentation of peacocks
a murmuration of starlings

kentucky supreme court rules fetus cannot be considered separate person
there's hope for us yet
brazilian judge refuses abortion for fetus without brain
no abortion because there was no danger to the woman who'd be pregnant with a fetus with no brain... because being pregnant for nine months is what women do for kicks, right?
bleeding pregnant woman arrested while in emergency room
absolutely disgusting and shameful

June 24 has been declared a day of action for Indigenous resistance, for Indigenous sovereignty and to defend the land. we at SOAR echo the calls against policies of assimilation, against the criminalization of land protectors, against policies of dispossession, against the exploitative resource extraction industry which destroys Indigenous communities. we echo the call to confront the invasion, to end the occupations, and to resist.

We call on all settlers to recognize that the colonization of Indigenous lands—of Indigenous nations—continues today. Colonialism is an ongoing process and so are the genocides on which the so-called americas were founded.

We call on all settlers to recognize the myriad ways in which they are complicit in the destruction of Indigenous lands and communities. complicity comes from state collaboration with mining and forestry corporations, through over-policing and over-incarceration, through the Children’s Aid Services, through Indian Act bureaucracy, through the imposition of borders, of neoliberalism, christianity and capitalism. complicity comes from empty apologies for a century of kidnap, torture, and indoctrination—for the unforgiveable residential school system.

We call on all settlers to confront the governments and police forces whose legitimacy is allegedly rooted in our consent, thus making us complicit in their crimes. we take responsibility. police forces and government bureaucracies are part of our system, they come out of our communities—and that is where we must confront them.

We call on all settlers to dismantle the systems of colonialism and the state that enforces them.

We call on all settlers to support the struggles of Indigenous communities to protect the land, to support struggles for sovereignty. in solidarity on the land and in Indigenous communities we must take direction from the frontline communities most affected by the exploitative destruction of colonialism. when we are in our own communities, confronting our own systems, solidarity means attack.

This is all native land.

On June 24, the Indigenous day of action, we respect the calls to limit our tactics to so-called non-violent actions. we respect the tone set by frontline communities for this day, and we hope that these communities also see the value in settlers confronting the colonial system with more militant tactics on other days—we know that many individuals do.

Defend the land!

Sovereignty for Indigenous nations!

Smash the state!

We are anti-colonial.

from curate via SOAR

"There is an underground market for these things and we want to make sure we haven't stumbled upon some type of underground market.

YEAH! We don't want to be stumbling on underground markets here!

from ish via ktla
it's just not the same
Alexander McQueen, which recently named Sarah Burton creative director in the wake of the founding designer’s death, also has tapped another key talent, WWD has learned.Pina Ferlisi — who has been creative director of Generra and held senior design posts at Coach, Gap and Marc by Marc Jacobs — has been named creative director of McQ, the licensed secondary line for which the Gucci Group-owned house has big plans. It is understood Ferlisi will work under the creative leadership of Burton.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i wish for more visibility.

Two Moms Fight to Stay Together from Breakthrough on Vimeo.

Sunny Feeds

the female gaze
erotic short film competition

(fundraising opportunity... hey-o)

a play by play of how work is going to go down today:

Palance - JW and Blaze from ForceFed Blog on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

after updating myself on the g8/g20 and then once again finding a litany of facts leading up to the idea that canada's govt sucks, i find it not surprising to see that this is all i want to post today:

(i want)

Sunny Feeds

june 22nd is an ode to summer dresses and half priced wine
and getting over old lovers and realizing that there's a hot lady that works at that asian street food restaurant - HEYOO.

good afternoon, summer.
ladies and gentlepeople, we have a winner...
two separate grilled cheese sandwiches sandwiching a beef burger HEY-O. my thighs are screaming nooooOOooo. almost as good as the chicken bun chicken burger (three times as good, in fact).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

shit gets real on oprah

don't worry, faith's lived experiences have been documented in her autobiography as well as an additional anthology re: the same deal.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

stuff lesbians like part 28: straight girls

This is not to say that no straight girl can be convinced to take a walk on the other side of the fence. However a general rule of thumb is that affairs with straight girls do not end well. Having an affair with a straight girl ends in one of three ways:

  1. Everything is going splendidly. You believe that you and she are soulmates. You’re like Ellen and Portia! Rosie and Kelly! Timmy and Lassie! Cheech and Chong! Then one day she announces, “Hey, my boyfriend and I got back together! Isn’t that great?” You say, “Wait! What about me? What about us!” She laughs and says, “Huh? Silly, I’m not gay! But that was fun!” thereby crushing your soul.
  2. You come to your senses before #1 happens and break it off. This makes her angry and stalkerish. How dare you cut short her experimental stage before it was completed! You bitch! She keeps calling and hanging up. You call her and tell her to seek a therapist. She then has an epiphany and believes that if she says the following, she will somehow win you back: “You were a huge mistake! I’m going back to my boyfriend!” You say, “Good! Problem solved!” In retaliation, she makes a point to make out with her boyfriend in front of you, but she also leaves weird love letters in your email inbox under a fake name. She continues to stalk you on e-mail/IM/Facebook until you threaten to send your entourage, your friends Vinnie and Tony from Jersey, and/or the cops after her.
  3. She realizes that she is gay, that you’re the one, and she rides away into the sunset with you.

Just kidding. #3 never happens

from grace the spot c/o tara (because she doesn't believe in gateway lesbians)

Chris Brown denied visa over abuse

The day before his European tour kicks off, the singer is denied entry to the U.K. on account of his rap sheet

Chris Brown models at Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief - Haiti fashion benefit

It turns out domestic abuse wasn't the best career move for Chris Brown. Sure, many of his die-hard fans welcomed him with open arms after he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna, but the same cannot be said for the United Kingdom. The day before the start of his European tour, Brown has been denied a visa on account of his rap sheet, and the tour has been postponed.

"We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offense," a UK Border Agency spokesperson told AFP. "Public safety is one of our primary concerns. Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits." That raises the question of whether Brown was actually considered a credible threat to public safety, and whether all abusers are treated equally by the Border Agency, but officials declined to comment further. It certainly sends a powerful message, though: Britain isn't playing around when it comes to domestic violence.

from salon

Thursday, June 10, 2010

disturbed that there's a facebook like called "when i was your age, i lost my tooth, not my virginity."
words on "that guy"
sunny feeds

Lady Daydream by Twin Sister from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

patterns patterns patterns
i don't understand why the issue of older boys/men sexually preying on young women is only now an emerging topic
aa's full body employment policy
american apparel does not win the inner beauty pageant

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

evelina galang on pinay comfort women, healing, empowerment and resistance.

it has rained all week like a broken faucet that drips and stops

and drips

it is Sunday which is never busy except when the rain drives

people inside into waiting arms

at the bathhouse I peer into rooms sweat forming at the base of

my back bare feet grate carpet

here he is with me all sweat and glow my chest against his

wide back we rock one branch in the wind

my fingers' indentations in his thigh I am fascinated by his

mouth changing shapes in response to pleasure

he asks me why I'm here I tell him it is because you are away

returning in twenty days from Shanghai which you write

is damp and cool and crowded

and we called it kaputs quits no longer

and because I've been trying to pretend that I'm healing and that

you are not all I think of

he tells me it is because his lover returned to Hong Kong after

five years for work and family and sometimes it is nice to

hold someone and be held and why do we need reasons

and he tells me lately because he and his friends have been

saying these days how you hardly ever get what you want

we thank each other I drench my body which is moist and dry

and I miss you and I do not miss you and my body feels good

and I am still in love

a. quan

Sunday, June 6, 2010

to all the men with asian fetishes (that seem to multiply as the sun comes) that think i will always and forever be their spicy asian noodle soup - unapologetically, it's not happening.

How to Know You are Dating a Racist (HTKUADAR)

In lieu of this profoundly short-sighted and blatantly racist piece published at the Huffington Post titled "How to Date an Indian," I thought it was time for me to write my own dating guide to help us stay away from people that might potentially follow this kind of advice.

How to know you are dating a racist.

1. You realize you have never met their parents and they live down the street.Nothing says, "I love you," like, "I am embarrassed for my parents to find out you are not the race they want you to be."

2. They love the Rolling Stones but think that Jay-Z is sexist. I mean, I know it is hard to overlook Mick Jagger's profoundly progressive views on women, but let's just try for the sake of argument. *eyeroll*

3. They ask you on the first date if (insert with ethnicity) girls are as (insert with ethnicity related explicit sexual act) as people say they are. It's like sexist racist mad libs, really.

4. They ask you offensive questions about what they perceive your culture to be, defending their profoundly ignorant question by saying, "I just want to learn more about your people baby!" (via @popscribblings)

5. They ask you if they can touch your hair or skin or eyelash or eyelid before you have even kissed.

6. They want to know why your family acts like "that."

7. They say something about how it might be easier to date someone from their own race.

8. When you are in a foreign country (or a taxi cab), they look to you to translate even though you don't speak the language, either.

9. They say something to you like, "You are so different from the rest of your race, I really like you." OR, they put down other races in front of you, as though it is OK as long as they are not putting down your race. (via Latoya Peterson)

10. They say they noticed you because you look "exotic." Do I look like a bird of paradise to you? #iamnotyourfetish

All of these may sound like sure signs you are DAR (dating a racist), but it took dating a long line of people who asked if I was a "Kama Sutra Indian," or told me, "I love Indian food," (like, dude are you saying you are going to eat me??) or that I have "almond eyes," or claimed to know more about India than I do, to learn how to detect that I was asked out by or was dating...a racist.

Please, feel free to add more in comments. This information could save us from so many horrible dates!

from feministing

the harper government, women's rights and the cost of speaking out

Thursday, June 3, 2010

from curate via lalay
on a happier note: home is wherever i'm with you

what is this douche baggery? is he really trying to downplay sb 1070 by comparing it to other countries'? did he just say he'd let people go into sex trade work if "that's what they want to do?" sir, i suggest you look into the histories of why it is that illegal immigrants (no one is illegal!) "want" to cross the borders.

do you really think it's choice when you read:
“Arizona has a long record of robbing working people in order to provide a “safe and secure environment” for big business. The US conquest of northern Mexico resulted in a dual racial system with similarities to Jim Crow in the southeast. In the copper mining camps of the Grand Canyon State, there were two wage scales in the early 20th century: a “white wage” and a “Mexican wage.” In Arizona mines, the top wage for Mexicans was $2.50 per day; $4.00 for “Anglos.” Ninety-seven percent of the mine foremen in the copper mine camps were white. Pervasive wage differentials in the southwest gave white workers an incentive to maintain a separate-and-unequal economic system and served as the most visible wedge in the working class. One official exulted, “Mexicans came cheap by the dozen and could be bought for ten cents each.” Many Mexican-American miners became union activists in an effort to abolish this system.”

- paul ortiz
from curate via truthout

101 best sandwiches in ny
i'm hungry!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i tried to do outreach at a high school for a community youth group
they set up a table against a wall in the busiest foyer in the school
we had to compete with a dj and a sushi vendor

is that what high school's are like now?
when did i not become the cool older kid?!
omnipotencenurturingmalevolence:  -moremegadesk:  oh no  I can’t even laugh at this. AIDS is a worldwide problem. A top killer of millions worldwide, and a lot of cases are due to rape and the fact that birth control (condoms) are illegal in an inexplicably high percentage of the world. Yeah.   this is so awful i don’t even know where to begin… maybe fuck you to the people who made it?



oh no

I can’t even laugh at this. AIDS is a worldwide problem. A top killer of millions worldwide, and a lot of cases are due to rape and the fact that birth control (condoms) are illegal in an inexplicably high percentage of the world. Yeah.

this is so awful i don’t even know where to begin… maybe fuck you to the people who made it?

from a souvenir from hell

to be gay and racist is no anomaly
oh shit, i've been doing this whole woman thing all wrong.

open your heart

sung by mai doi todd
dir. by michel gondry
manila indie

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

in this and only this moment, mcdonald just won me over.

my unemployed self wholeheartedly agrees with this

Work from Michael Rianda on Vimeo.

In Solidarity

The Miss G___ Project