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Robyn 'Dancing On My Own' (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

Myth #10: There is no such thing as sex-positive abstinence. This myth is sometimes even found in feminist circles when people assume that abstinence can't be taught as part of a comprehensive sexuality curriculum. This is false. When included as part of a comprehensive and factually accurate program, abstinence can and should be taught as an excellent method of birth control and STI prevention, as well as a valid and legitimate choice for sexual beings of any age. In fact, this is a crucial part of any sex positive curriculum.The unfortunate prevalence of this myth is indicative of a much greater need for inclusivity and sex positivity in sexuality education: now that we know that our ideas and experiences about sex and virginity aren't as simple as they seem, sexuality education programs really need to catch up and become more inclusive of a fluid range of experiences, sexualities, and attitudes about sex.

the bechdel test for women in movies

immigrant youth justice league

Cycle of Oppression

1. Stereotype

A preconceived or oversimplified generalization about an entire group of people without regard for their individual differences. While often negative, stereotypes may also be complimentary. Even positive stereotypes can have a negative impact however, simply because they are broad generalizations. The stereotypes we hold form the basis of our prejudices.

2. Prejudice

A conscious or unconscious negative belief about a whole group of people and its individual members. When the person holding the prejudice also has and uses the power to deny opportunities, resources or access to a person because of their group membership, there is discrimination.

3. Discrimination

Prejudice plus the power. Discrimination can take many forms, including racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, etc. Many acts of discrimination build up over time, perpetuated against one relatively less powerful social group by a more powerful social group, lead to a group of people being in a state of oppression.

4. Oppression

The systematic subjugation of a group of people by another group of people with access to social power, the result of which benefits one group over the other and is maintained by social beliefs and practices. Because oppression is institutionalized in our society, target group members often believe the messages and internalize the oppression.

5. Internalized Oppression

The "buying into" the elements of oppression by the target group. When target group members believe the stereotypes they are taught about themselves, they tend to act them out and thus perpetuate the stereotypes which reinforces the prejudice and keeps the cycle going.

from aggie ally

feminist reader
c/o autostraddle
i always knew you wanted to make out with me, rihanna.

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to further the topic of girl empowerment, i cross-post and present to you the kind and eloquent words of tavi, style rookie, prodigally cool in all genuine ways:

Dear eighth grade boys:

Stop making me feel like my body is my burden. Do I, or any other girls, find you to be attractive? Helllllll no. But we don’t stare at your bodies and then whisper to our friends! We are polite! I don’t know if this is because girls are told to keep quiet, or because we are totally over bullying, but whatever! You are assholes in many more ways, but I only have 8 more days of you! Then freshman year, you will maybe be a little more like real people, but not entirely, because you’ll want to make sure everyone knows how cool you are since it’s freshman year and there are all these new people! And by people, I mean chicks! For you to be rude to while making them feel like they’re lucky to have your rudeness bestowed upon them! And for you to grab their ass, and then make them feel like that’s supposed to be a compliment! Sexual harassment/assault is totally flattering! It means you like her! But not really, because you don’t like her enough to respect her space and comfort, you just like her body! And that one time I told one of you to not grab girls’ asses, you had all your friends come up to me throughout the day to tell me how mean I was to embarrass you! Also you all have AWFUL B.O., and AXE smells like shit, and Family Guy isn’t funny, and not showering isn’t a way to make a political statement, and FUUUUUUUU

/end rant

from style rookie

this is a rad photo piece by dulze pinzon about the invisibilization and underappreciation of mexican migrant workers in the US. it makes me sad to see the difference in opinion, specifically with belonging and visibility, change depending on which space they're in. read below:

"I saw a Spiderman costume in a store in November 2001, and that's when everything came together in my head. Comic-book superheroes have an alter ego, and so do immigrants in the United States. They may be insignificant or even invisible to much of society, but they are heroes in their homelands.

"Many of the people I photographed for this series, between 2004 and 2009, were my students or people I worked with as a union organizer. We had a friendly relationship; they trusted me enough to give me their real names and how much money they send home. It was very important to me to include that information. My work is a tribute to them."


MINERVA VALENCIA from Puebla works as a nanny in New York. She sends home $400 a week.

MINERVA VALENCIA originaria de Puebla trabaja como niñera en Nueva York. Manda 400 dólares a la semana.

Elastic Man

SERGIO GARCÍA from the State of México works as a waiter in New York. He sends home $350 a week.

SERGIO GARCÍA originario del Estado de México trabaja como mesero en Nueva York. Manda 350 dólares a la semana.

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the news made it seem like such an isolated incident when senior boys in a Surrey, BC high school set a contest called the Little Girl Slayers to see how many grade 8s they could sleep with, but i think it's likely that you'd hear this from any other girl that's been through high school in the last couple decades. anyway, it only now seems like an emerging topic to the media, so let's friggin' talk about it! in chilliwack there have been repetitive cases of "LG" parties in which senior male high school students sexually prey on grade 8 girls. it seems as though the older folks are blaming the wrong people, telling their daughters to stay away from parties and facebook. shouldn't we be workshopping young men to respect the bodies of young women, both young women and men about the perpetuation of a male-centred gaze that encourages non-empowering, hypsersexuality, objectification and disrespectful sexual competition? how about telling the parents that this issue is neither black and white, nor is isolated and could easily be remedied by blaming their daughters for partying too hard or by cutting off their means of communication. ORRR maybe we can just loop this back to the very scribes that tend to skew these narrations of what women can and can't do. weren't they the ones telling us, young women, that we had to be sexy? maybe i misread that magazine cover.


also, does it seriously take a movie starring kristen stewart and dakota fanning for everyone to talk about empowerment for young women? because i seriously think that the emergence of this topic is the off-set of the runaways movie. realistically, it's been happening since capitalism nonconsensually got into our pants, folks.

Chilliwack police warn parents of "Little Girl" parties

Chilliwack police say older teenagers are now hosting so-called "LG parties." The LG, ominously, stands for little girls.

Chilliwack police say older teenagers are now hosting so-called "LG parties." The LG, ominously, stands for little girls.

Photograph by: CHRIS CARLSON, MCT

METRO VANCOUVER -- With graduation fast approaching, Chilliwack police are warning parents to keep an eye on young teenagers who may attend parties.

Police say older teenagers are now hosting so-called "LG parties." The LG, ominously, stands for little girls.

The older organizers of these parties use Facebook to attend young middle school girls between the ages of 12 and 13. At the party, the girls are plied with alcohol in the hope that they'll engage in sexual acts.

Police are thus cautioning parents to keep an eye on where their teenagers are going.

"This is something that has recently come to our attention and we are trying hard to monitor," said RCMP spokesperson Tracy Wolbeck. "The intent of these parties and the group mentality that goes along with them is what makes them very frightening for parents and police alike."

Wolbeck said police cannot yet confirm whether any such parties have taken place in Chilliwack, but she said police in Surrey have confirmed that parties have taken place there.

Here in Chilliwack, she said, "we have had some intelligence from the high school that they are out there." She added police have gone into schools and spoken to students who know what "LG" stands for.

The parties are not just creepy, they could also lead to criminal charges. With the age of consent set at 16 years of age, and the girls involved in these parties far younger than that, those older boys who engages in sex at one of the parties could face rape charges.

The police advise parents to be aware of their children's Facebook content, to not allow them to use the computer in private and to ensure there is parental supervision at any party their children may be attending.

Parents should also speak to their children about the risks involved with drinking.

Read more: police warn parents Little Girl parties/3078575/story.html#ixzz0pMIvsZa8
amidst the hi-fi/wi-fi-ADHD-skinny-jeans-wearing-eye-phone-plugging-touch-pad-touching-everywhere-here-but-not-just-kidding-i'm-actually-12 culture, shines a rough edged glow called rock and roll (sans kristen stewart and dakota fanning). i wish i knew i could have roared like this when i was younger.

favourite quote:
"they get even better when they decide to be powerful and they decide to rock."

volunteer application deadline for girls rock camp vancouver are June 1st!

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also, i think i found my soul mate

oh, how embarrassing. i was just mentally masturbating to you.
In 1998, the Dixie Chicks sold more CDs than all other country music groups combined.

i'm not sure how they'd be able to measure this, BUT IT'S FACT. i suggest that everyone reads wikipedia's history of the dixie chicks.

and what they could say of what you had done, where you had gone

and who you are with is out there, existing, falling freely after your words

your hair grows long and sweeps past your shoulders now

you show only in pictures on my own time

but as often as we were of something that it was,

that everyday smile,

and as less as i am in your system of numbers,

we are only belonging

to ourselves

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i want to buy a corset. is that out of character and counterproductive to my being unemployed?
i have these big plans for a wardrobe with a corset
way to be, little one! p.s. shame, michelle. shame.

Sex contest intercepted at B.C. school

Last Updated: Thursday, May 20, 2010 | 8:28 PM PT

Senior boys at a Surrey, B.C., high school allegedly made a competition out of trying to seduce much younger girls at the school. Senior boys at a Surrey, B.C., high school allegedly made a competition out of trying to seduce much younger girls at the school. (CBC)

Officials at a Surrey, B.C., high school are warning parents about a so-called game that senior male students had been playing online that made a contest out of trying to have sex with Grade 8 girls.

Officials at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary said they learned of the competition through some pages on the Facebook social networking website and through interviews with students.

"It was learned that a small group of senior boys were making a "game" of sorts to try to seduce Grade 8 girls," principal Allan Buggie said in a letter sent May 10 to the parents of Grade 11 and 12 boys.

A similar warning letter was also sent to the homes of Grade 8 girls.

"It's not known how many Grade 8 girls may have actually been involved in any way with this activity," that letter said.

Grade 11 student Jacob Town said he was aware of the competition.

"The seniors try to sleep with the most junior girls they possibly can," he said.

"I have a younger sister. It's kind of gross that guys would do that."

Counsellors brought in

An organization called SafeTeen was brought in and had counsellors meet and hold workshops with all Grade 8 girls at the school, Buggie said.

SafeTeen founder Anita Roberts said her program is not anti-sex, but makes girls aware of their options.

"We teach them to listen to their intuition and to wake up to the moment," said Roberts. "Not to be in denial or to ignore it, but to face it, and to speak their truth."

Roberts said the contest was a case of "how many notches in the belt" each boy could get.

"They called it the 'LGS Club,'" she said. "The Little Girls Slayers.'"

The senior boys have also been made aware of their legal obligations under the Criminal Code, the school said.

Surrey RCMP Const. Peter Neily said the boys' activities could involve serious offences.

"A 13-year-old, if they engage in sexual activity with someone, let's say 17 [years old] … they are entering into a situation where consent cannot lawfully be given and it is a sexual assault," said Neily.

No one has been charged.

Read more:
Q: Turning to what you call the “cyberbubble,” you say that girls get addicted to social networking. That sounds relatively harmless compared to violent gaming. What’s wrong with it?
A: Girls spend a lot of time photoshopping their pictures, making themselves look a little bit thinner than they are and getting rid of the pimples, because they know boys are interested in the photos on these sites. So you’ve got 14-year-old girls essentially presenting themselves as a brand, trying to create a public persona, polishing an image of themselves that’s all surface: how you look and what you did yesterday, not who you are and what you want to be. And that leads to a sense of disconnection from themselves, because in most cases, these girls don’t even realize that their persona is not who they are. They’re just focused on striving to please their market and presenting the brand they think will sell. It’s one thing for Angelina Jolie to be doing this—she’s an adult—but it’s really toxic for a 14-year-old. It gets in the way of the real job of adolescence, which is figuring out who you are, what you want, what is your heart’s desire.
from mcleans

with a title "inside the dangerously empty lives of teenage girls," i was unsurprisingly a little skeptical about what was being said initially. it seemed as though it was obviously scoping specifically young white women within the upper middle class bracket and completely invisibilzing different marginizalized identities. i took a look at the guy's phd in psychology and presumed that it would be a bunch of medicalized/generalized bullshit... and some of it is especially at the end of the article. and yeah they never really delve into talking about intersectionality... but he does makesome good points about the ways in which young women present themselves through social networks and the difference between self-inflicted harm among boys and girls.

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we are living among geniuses

first of all...
second of all...
third of all...

"In 2004, as an 18-year-old student at the University of Bristol, Reid auctioned off her virginity in order to pay her student debts. The winning bidder was a 44-year-old divorcee and father of two, who paid Reid 8400 pounds so his penis could be the first to enter her vagina. If that seems a crude description, I apologise, but I don’t know how else to describe what it is that this man paid for. Reid is a lesbian who was open about the fact that she was living with her partner at the time of the auction. Her virginity could be described, at best, as technical, yet hundreds of men bid for the right to “take” it."

watching this video reminded me of the time when i was 17 and had somehow found myself hanging out with the family who started ticketmaster (apparently). anyway, they let me be the conference coordinator for this youth music festival where i got a bunch of indie vancouver bands to talk to kids about being cool whatever. i invited the lead of this band who shall forever be unnamed (ask me later) to come, to which he replied yes and was very flattered. anyway, he didn't end up coming because he got too high and couldn't bring himself to talk about being a mentor to teenagers while doing lines of k outside of the rec centre. probably a good life choice after a poor life choice.

re: this video - for some reason patti smith chose "you light up my life" to sing to an audience full of kids for a show called "kids are people too."

new theme song

in the rising action of my biopic (starring me as me and shannyn sossamon as every straight girl that i've ever been a crow bar for) this will sound. scenario: walking home in an urban setting after our first quirky date which inevitably leads to a porch side talk under the moonlight and a passionate kiss).

the film will be directed by werner herzog.

p.s. leave your boyfriend behind

hardcore riot dog seen at nearly every greek protest
decolonizing environmentalism
yessss a space that speaks with an intersectional lens about sustainability!
Por El Grito. Canto We Can't Hear
Jose Benavides

Canto: This is the song for when my Latina/o Literature class and I dread. That moment brown teacher points to us. Read out loud the page in front. Parentheses between the words Latina/o kids (in college even) can’t read and stumble over. Let fry and clank. Crunch, mash-up our rice-bean corn-teeth mouth-tongues. On syllables. Can’t pronounce strange long words. Weren’t taught in sucky CPS. Insecure about reading. And always soft voice. Too fast and stare at page. For few awkward forever seconds. When you don’t know the word “precarious” in poem. Paralyzing pressure affects silence. When you know s/he’s perplexed. Know, I've skipped word and sentence don't make sense now. You understand, pero start over. Everyone's waiting. Moments apretando heart and head. Just skip it. Skip school. Skip chances. Skip our voice. Truth skips us. Rights and futures skip our children. We begin to loose our Spanish to all this silence. We don’t even understand ourselves anymore.

Grito: Por los que no entienden y por los que si. Por “no speake ingles” y por “for why you go to de parque.” Make you switch your soul and syntax. Circumstance religions. To fit our heathen history. Make you worship our feathered, panthered sun-browned gods. Hairy hairless tongue your way. Out of this one. You can suck it. Out nopales y chile thorns up top your teeth. Moist and molar mole mouth until you cry. Cuz your children are talkin words you can’t comprehend. And hate to love this place you’ve been dragged to. Cuz back home is need and you’re always giving. Clutter of useless phrases you’ll have to memorize. Agonize. We’ll roast lengua de white men, conquistadores in our blood dinner offering. When the land’s back in the hands of people. And we force you to wash our dishes. Take your minimum of minimum wage to the currency exchange. In country you can’t or wouldn’t want to claim anyways. Gritando with our loud-ass rancheros down Western and Astro vans con la Virgen on spare tire. Grita, the sound of success when it’s a brown girl as presidenta. Through college y el movimiento. Took kids y abuelitos al capital to cry. Brown girl presidenta just gave us the land without a war. All because of words. Proud to fumble with.

what is it about dark haired women with olive skin?

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Babe Magnet #12 | Black Bean Burgers

i will date you if you are a black bean burger topped with mango salsa and some sort of sharp-flavoured and/or smoked cheese.

Black-Bean Burgers
Adapted from Gourmet

Yield: 4 burgers

2 (14-ounce) cans black beans, rinsed and drained, divided
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
1/3 cup plain dry bread crumbs
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon dried oregano, crumbled
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika
generous pinch of salt
1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro
1 lime
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
4 soft hamburger buns

Accompaniments: sliced avocado, romaine, salsa, sliced sharp cheddar

Pulse 1 can beans in a food processor with yogurt, bread crumbs, cumin, oregano, cayenne, paprika and salt until a coarse purée forms. Transfer to a bowl and stir in cilantro and remaining can beans. Add as much juice from the lime as needed to create a mixture that holds together well (you likely won’t need the entire lime; slice the leftover lime into wedges and serve with the burgers). Form mixture into 4 patties.

Heat oil in a 12-inch heavy skillet over medium-high heat until it shimmers (alternatively, heat a grill pan and brush it with the oil). Cook burgers until outsides are crisp and lightly browned, turning once, about 5 minutes total. Serve on buns, along with the accompaniments.

from the kitchen sink

ILGA Lesbian and Gay rights around the world
ch-ch-check it
5 myths that hurt intersex people



Thanks Luminis @ The Intersex Roadshow for this post- I’m replicating most of it word-for-word.

Myth 1: Intersex people all have indeterminate genitalia

  • Many people are intersexed in ways that are not visible to their partners. For example, an individual with AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome) is born with internal testes but genitalia that look typically female. Intersex people born with visibly intermediate genitals are often subject to infant sex assignment surgery, another reason why our bodies may not appear visibly intersex to others.
  • What disturbs me about incidents in which a partner seems interested in dating an intersex person until the clothes come off is that it generally reveals that the partner was fetishizing the intersex person—only interested in them for their “exotic” body.

2. Intersex conditions are always diagnosed in infancy

  • Because many intersex conditions are not externally visible, some intersex people don’t learn of their status until later in life. This in no way diminishes the physical and psychological ramifications for which they may need support.

3. All infant sex-assignment surgery is aimed at creating “female” genitalia

  • Though many intersex infants are surgically assigned female, this isn’t always the case. “The myth that this “never happens” leaves intersex people assigned male at birth open to constant suspicion and exclusion, increasing the difficulties they have to face.”

4. Intersex people should be genderqueer

  • Intersex people face pressure from doctors and families and society at large to genderconform. Facing the opposite pressure to gendertransgress—subversivism— is just as unfair. Yes, most intersex people open enough to disclose our sex status agree that it is damaging for our society to insist that everyone must identify as male or female. But we live in a society that understands gender dyadically, and like non-intersex people, we commonly identify as masculine or feminine.”

5. “Real” intersex people are not genderqueer

  • Some “genderconservative” intersex people have responded to the pressure to be gender transgressive by creating a reactionary counter-argument that intersex people are removed from radical gender politics and those that “claim” to be genderqueer are “posers, probably crazed feminist zealots or deceptive trans people.”
  • What makes the myth that intersex people are never genderqueer particularly painful to me is that it is spread by members of our community. To undermine your own intersex siblings and deny their identities is counterproductive, pathetic, and cruel… There are enough hurtful myths circulating about intersex people already. We don’t need to add one of our own to the mix.”

it's amazing how much pathos works for me. i feel so bad for this plastic bag!

also, if you felt had by thinking herzog narrated where's waldo, and realized it wasn't actually him, the you can get your real fix here as he speaks for a lonesome plastic bag in a film by ramin bahrani.

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musicianship lives!

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now i can be confident about both lips!

also, do this come in pineapple?
gaga's disability project

gaga feminism: when you see something and you go, "i know that's feminist but i don't know why."

halberstam talks about feminism in the age of gaga

robert rodriguez apparently filmed this a year ago - before the anti-immigration legislation - and is still waiting to be released.

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feel free to expand and critique.

Research says…




  • Sex refers to one’s biological attributes: genitals, chromosomes, hormones, etc.
    • Male as a sex refers to a penis, XY chromosomes, and/or higher levels of testosterone than estrogen.
    • Female as a sex refers to a vagina, XX chromosomes, and/or higher levels of estrogen than testosterone.
    • Intersex refers to any set of conditions under which one is not clearly biologically male nor biologically female. This can refer to ambiguous genitals, uncommon chromosome patterns (XO, XXX, XXY, XYY, etc.), hormone imbalances, etc. (Note that it is not possible to have both male and female genitals, but it is possible to have something in-between.) It is estimated that about 1 in 100 births results in at least one of these conditions.
    • Eunuch most commonly refers to a castrated male. Eunuch is also a legally recognized sex in some countries.
    • MTF refers to a male-to-female transsexual.
    • FTM refers to a female-to-male transsexual.
  • Transition Status refers to a transperson’s point in the process of transitioning from one physical sex to another.
    • Non-Op, for non-operative, refers to a transperson who decides not to transition for whatever reason (health concerns, financial reasons, not an important part of their identity, etc.).
    • Pre-Everything refers to a transperson before any steps have been taken to transition.
    • In Transition refers to a transperson at any point in transition.
    • Pre-Op refers to a transperson before sex reassignment surgery (what is commonly called a “sex change”).
    • Post-Op refers to a transperson after sex reassignment surgery.
  • Gender Identity refers to one’s psychological identity as male, female, or something else. This is an intrinsic property of a person, and cannot really be quantified.
    • Male as a gender refers to all the non-physical aspects associated with males. Truthfully, there is no better definition than this; no one aspect covers all cases. One’s sense of maleness is intrinsic.
    • Female as a gender refers to all the non-physical aspects associated with females. Truthfully, there is no better definition than this; no one aspect covers all cases. One’s sense of femaleness is intrinsic.
    • Bigender refers to someone of both male and female genders.
    • Agender refers to someone with no gender.
    • Androgyne refers to someone with aspects of both male and female genders, who identifies as somewhere in-between male and female.
    • Genderqueer refers to someone of a gender other than male or female.
    • Third is another gender completely outside the world of male and female. Like male or female, third cannot be defined in terms of anything other than itself.
    • Fourth is another gender completely outside the world of male and female. Like male or female, fourth cannot be defined in terms of anything other than itself.
    • Fluid refers to someone whose gender can change over time.
    • Questioning refers to someone who is currently trying to determine their gender identity.
  • Gender Presentation refers to how one presents oneself as male, female, masculine, feminine, or otherwise to other people through clothing, behavior, speech, etc.
    • Masculine refers to a traditionally male presentation.
    • Feminine refers to a traditionally female presentation.
    • Butch refers to a masculine presentation of varying degree.
    • Femme refers to a feminine presentation of varying degree.
    • Androgynous refers to a presentation somewhere in-between masculine and feminine.
    • Metrosexual usually refers to a male with a sense of style and aesthetics who is nonetheless heterosexual.
    • Genderfuck refers to a presentation combining extremes of masculinity and femininity, such as a long beard combined with a skirt.
  • Orientation refers to one’s natural tendency to be attracted to certain genders. Orientation is usually defined in terms of gender, not sex.
  • Sexual Identity refers to one’s sense of self in relation to other genders. It has the same categories as orientation, but is usually seen as something one has more choice over.
    • Straight refers to an attraction to the opposite gender.
    • Gay refers to an attraction to one’s own gender.
    • Lesbian refers to a female attracted to females. Not all gay females necessarily identify as lesbian, and not all lesbians necessarily identify as gay.
    • Bisexual refers to an attraction to both males and females.
    • Pansexual refers to an attraction to people regardless of gender.
    • Asexual refers to no attraction to any particular group of people. (This is not an attraction towards oneself; that would be autosexual.)
    • Heteroflexible refers to someone attracted mainly to the opposite gender, but who may occasionally be attracted to people of their own gender.
    • Homoflexible refers to someone attracted mainly to their own gender, but who may occasionally be attracted to people of the opposite gender.
    • Bicurious refers to someone who may be bisexual, but who has not fully explored themselves enough to determine.
    • Androsexual refers to someone who is attracted to men without referring to one’s own gender.
    • Gynosexual refers to someone who is attracted to women without referring to one’s own gender.
    • Androgynosexual refers to someone who is attracted to androgynes or androgyny.
    • Queer refers to just some orientation other than straight.
    • Questioning refers to someone who is currently trying to determine their orientation or sexual identity.
  • The Kinsey scale is a scale developed by Alfred Kinsey for measuring sexual orientation. It ranges from 0 for exclusively heterosexual to 6 for exclusively homosexual. Not all straight people are 0, not all gay or lesbian people are 6, and not all bisexual people are 3; most people range somewhere in-between. An additional category of X is included for asexual people.
  • Interested In is like Orientation or Sexual Identity, but much more open to interpretation.
    • Men refers to all people of the malegender.
    • Women refers to all people of the femalegender.
    • People refers to, well, people.
    • Transmen refers to transgendered men or female-to-male transsexuals: those whose gender is male, but whose sex at birth was not.
    • Transwomen refers to transgendered women or male-to-female transsexuals: those whose gender is female, but whose sex at birth was not.
    • Transpeople refers to any transgendered person. Transgender is a kind of umbrella term that can be divided into several types:
      • Transsexuals are people whose sex at birth is opposite to their gender identity, i.e. someone who was born with male parts but who is actually female, or someone who was born with female parts but who is actually male.
      • Crossdressers are people who wear clothes of the opposite gender for the purposes of personal comfort or for relaxation.
      • Transvestites are people who wear clothes of the opposite gender for sexual satisfaction.
      • Drag queens are males who wear female clothes for the entertainment of others.
      • Drag kings are females who wear male clothes for the entertainment of others.
      • Genderqueers are people whose gender identity is something other than male or female.
      • Transgender is sometimes given a slightly more specific definition of anyone whose gender identity does not match their sex at birth. This would include transsexuals and genderqueers, but not the other categories listed above.
      • Intersex is sometimes included under the umbrella of transgender, but more often not.
    • Cismen refers to people born with male parts whose gender identity is male. In other words, non-transgendered men.
    • Ciswomen refers to people born with female parts whose gender identity is female. In other words, non-transgendered women.
    • Cispeople refers to people whose sex at birth and gender identity match. In other words, people who are not transgendered.
    • Intersex refers to people with intersex conditions.
    • Androgynes refers to people with aspects of both male and female genders, who identify as somewhere in-between male and female.
    • Genderqueers refers to people of a gender other than male or female.
    • Nobody refers to, well, nobody. It is included in the Interested In section to accomodate asexuals.
  • Title refers to the formal prefix used to address someone.
    • Mr. (mister) refers to a male regardless of marital status.
    • Ms. (mizz) refers to a female regardless of marital status.
    • Miss (miss) refers to a female who is not married.
    • Mrs. (misses) refers to a female who is married. (If you’ve ever wondered where the R in Mrs. came from, it originally stood for mistress.)
    • Mx. (mix or mex) is a non-gender-specific title.
    • Mre. (mistery) is a gender-ambiguous title.
    • Dr. (doctor) refers to someone who has earned a doctorate degree.
    • Prof. (professor) refers to someone who teaches at a college or university.
    • Capt. (captain) refers to someone who steers a ship.
    • Rev. (reverend) refers to someone who preaches at a religious institution.
  • Pronoun refers to the grammatical construct used to refer to someone without using their name or description.

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