Friday, April 30, 2010

there are plenty of fish in the sea but she just happens to be a dolphin
and you know what dolphins are like
glad to say i know the victorian kick ass:

My name is Lindsay Delaronde, I am part of the Mohawk Nation, originally from Kahnawake, Que.

My work visually expresses the relationship between spirituality and the physicality of the environment. Also, conveying the social, political and economical issues relating to First Nations peoples; through printmaking and installation-based work. I integrate traditional Native art, relating to culture and way of life, with my own personal experience and perception of my Native culture, history, art and identity.

As a First Nations artist I am a visual interpreter of my own culture's history. I find myself integrated in this continuum of contemporary Native arts and culture. As long as I continue to define myself through self-exploration and consumption
of knowledge. I am able to grow as a Native woman with an identity all my own, influenced by the past while constructing the future.

check her pieces out at uvic's MFA grad show 2010 from april 29 to may 8 at the uvic visual arts building.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the most horrible band wagon there ever was
herzog reads aloud where's waldo pictures - "the madness of waldo's adventures. does waldo want to be found? perhaps he is not searching at all, but running from something. sometimes i feel as though he is barely hiding. in searching for waldo, did we find ourselves."

i'm going to start an alternative literacy campaign to teach kids how to read magic eye books.

Monday, April 26, 2010

at a completely opposite spectrum, this video also makes me want to break my textual silence. girls.

i swear i'll start posting intellectual things again soon. i just need to warm up.

if there's one thing that can make me start posting again, it's a video of little kids singing beach house. hello again

In Solidarity

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