We often talk about things being gendered or racialized on this blog, but we haven’t talked much about how race is gendered and gender racialized. In a previous post, I wrote:

According to American cultural stereotypes, black people, both men and women, are more masculine than white people. Black men are seen as, somehow, more masculine than white men: they are, stereotypically, more aggressive, more violent, larger, more sexual, and more athletic. Black women, too, as seen as more masculine than white women: they are louder, bossier, more opinionated and, like men, more sexual and more athletic.

Conversely, Asian people, both men and women, are often stereotyped as more feminine than white people. Asian men are seen as small and less muscular than white men; Asian women are seen as more passive and deferential than white women.


I introduce all of these ideas in order to frame a screenshot sent in by Megan S. The screenshot is of the front page of a website (antimisandry.com) devoted to fighting misandry, or the “hatred of males as a sex.” The website purports to “cur[e] feminist indoctrination.” You’ll see that it is also advertising a dating site specializing in matching up white men with Chinese women: