Thursday, January 29, 2009

to add, damien hirst is doing the cover art for a special edition of darwin's on the origin of species. i find this interesting. 

Babe Magnet #2 | Scatting

by the way, maybe scatting gets more than an honourable mention for babe magnetism. ethnopoetic stylings of the vocal trumpet that champions the deepest shades of G, and phonologically dwee bops the doo bops. 
if this woman's wearing fur and shoes that appear to be made out of cork, then the sartorialist has broken my eco-friendly heart and put it into the noncompostable bin. 

Babe Magnet #1 | Derrida

derrida showed me the ropes with the "haunting" and now all i can think about is that stubborn talk of love... or maybe it was death.

but perhaps this is the long withstanding solution to the equation after all:

y = mx + b
babe magnet = love (existentialism) + ghosts
babe magnet/existentialism - ghosts = love

i'm not going to get ahead of myself but i think i just made jacques derrida my first babe magnet. maybe this won't be so annotated after all. 

I don't mean to objectify. I don't mean to fetishize. I only mean to say that you're a babe in the most empowering way. 

In Solidarity

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